Members of LABFOURSEVEN's team are motivated to pursue the mission of the organization due to unique perspectives influenced by diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Some team members are former English Language Learners who migrated to the United States as newcomers, attended public schools and graduated with honors; others are the children of immigrants and based on their parent's experiences navigating the complexities of our nation's democracy understand the challenges of social and economic mobility.

In addition to their backgrounds and perspectives, team member's qualifications affirm their unique position to help close the ELL achievement gap. The collective work experiences of the team are diverse - some are current and former teachers of ELLs, some are coaches of teachers of ELL students; others are school principals or have experience working at the White House on educational initiatives for Hispanic communities and were apart of the team that helped to reauthorize ESEA. Some are language pathologists and entrepreneurs; others have completed or are pursuing graduate study in business or educational leadership. 

Together, they are all committed to ensuring that all students receive an education that sets them up to reach their highest potential.


Sharon Michaels, Founder & CEO